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English for suppliers

Natural flavor products through retail and foodservice

Flair for Flavor is committed to providing the best choices in natural flavor products. Instead of producing them ourselves, we source high quality products from independent and often artisanal producers, worldwide. We enjoy working together with passionate producers, finding the best possibilities for their products, creating opportunities and gaining marketshare. If you’re interested in becoming a supplier, we’d love to get to know you, share your thoughts on trends in the foodmarket and receive samples of your products. So don’t hesitate and drop us a mail.


Flair for Flavor provides natural flavor products to both retail and foodservice. For retail, our products are always marketed under the Flair for Flavor brand. If we see an opportunity for your product in retail, that would mean producing Private Label. For foodservice, we market our products both under the Flair for Flavor brand and the original brand (but we do make a clear choice, never marketing a product under both). We also bring specials to market, products with a limited use or available within a limited timeframe. Those products are always marketed under the original brand.


Flair for Flavor is specialized in creating opportunities for products, working closely together with our customers in retail and foodservice. We are able to make products leap from one food culture into another by taking them out of their context and introducing new ways to use them.


Our slogan is “eat happy, be healthy”. We feel a strong commitment to the health and happiness of our customers. It means we have to be selective about the products which can be included in our retail range. They are free of gluten (so no wheat, spelt, barley or rye), contain a low amount of sodium, no maltodextrin and preferably no white sugar. Artificial flavor enhancers and yeast are off course out of the question. Don’t be alarmed if your product doesn’t yet meet these requirements. We can often find a way to include a product in our range – provided we’re as passionate about it as you are. Let’s share the happiness good food brings, to the table as well as into life!